I first got interested in web design about ten years ago. It started out playing around in Dreamweaver 3 (remember, when div elements used to be called layers) and my first project came in late 2002. It was a website for a Serbian metal band called Diluvium (the website is, sadly, no longer online). Then came a rather long period of inactivity which finally ended in the summer of 2007 when I started to work as a layout designer for a local web design firm and I’ve stayed with them until autumn of 2008. During this time, I have designed layout comps for over fifty websites for both domestic and foreign clients.

The beginning of 2009 marked my entering into the freelance world. I have had a chance to work for a number of foreign clients (mainly from North America) as well as for some Serbian clients. My experience includes designing and building static and dynamic websites using modern technologies like jQuery and WordPress. I have also designed & coded email templates and designed wallpapers for clients.

In late 2009, I started writing for Onextrapixel, a blog dedicated to delivering useful information for designers and web developers. Visit their site for a lot of great articles, tutorials and resources for web designers & developers. Be sure to check out my articles while you’re there. 😉

I tend to keep Winamp playing while I work; you can see what I’ve been listening to lately at my Last.fm profile.

That’s enough about me. If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to contact me.