The second iPad web app on which I’ve been working with Nick Haskins of Spilled Milk Designs is nearly done. After many hours and many obstacles, we have a made the iPad web app for his photography portfolio ready for visitors. 🙂

As with our Spilled Milk Designs web app, the aim here was to create an iPad-friendly version of the main Flash website. The app contains a homepage slideshow, one more for the About page; next we have a promo reel showing Nick at work, a contact form and, finally, galleries with Nick’s amazing photos.

Once more, we have made use of Matteo Spinelli’s excellent iScroll script and, this time, it powers our main galleries. Another shout out goes to Mike Alsup for his jQuery plugin – Cycle, which runs the smoothly cross-fading Home and About pages’ slide shows.

P.S. Expect the app to get updated with some cool features soon. Stay tuned for more iPad goodness. 😀

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