And here it is. After months and months of promising an imminent launch and postponing it, finally, the Iodic Design website is live.

This first post will be a short one; listing the excuses for the delayed site launch and detailing what you can expect from the website.

The main reason it has taken me so long to finish the website (i.e. polish the WordPress theme, write the content, etc.) is that I’ve been concentrating on client projects and the down time between those was usually spent catching up on school projects. So, naturally, the site had to wait.

This website’s primary role is to serve as an online portfolio of my web design & development work where potential clients can see a selection of the work I’ve done so far. The other “side” of the site is the blog. Given that I’m a freelance web designer, most of the blog posts will be on those topics: web design & development and freelancing. However, I will not deny the possibility of writing some other, visitor-attracting posts, we will see.

That’s it for now, expect another blog post soon (and I do hope that it will be soon).

While waiting for the next post, check out the portfolio, leave a comment here or contact me directly.

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